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At Foothill Smile Design, serving the Sacramento and Mission Viejo areas, we offer the most advanced cosmetic and laser dentistry available, including treatment with Invisalign® clear braces, cosmetic imaging, and more. Our goal is to make your dental experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.


For patients with crooked teeth in Folsom, CA or Foothill Ranch CA, Invisalign offers a way to straighten teeth without the embarrassment and discomfort of traditional braces. This is great for adults who want to straighten their teeth without compromising their look. Foothills Smile Designs proudly offers these invisible aligners to their patients.

These aligners can straighten crowded or crooked teeth, improve spaces between the teeth, or correct problems with the bite, all without the need for unsightly metal braces. In addition to the cosmetic benefit, the clear aligners are also more comfortable than traditional braces. They can be removed to eat or brush your teeth, which makes oral hygiene much more simple.

At Foothills Smile Designs, we want this treatment to be affordable for all of our patients. We understand how important a winning smile is, and that is why we offer $500 off Invisalign systems. We also offer affordable payment plans to make this dream a reality for our patients.

If you are ready to have your teeth straightened, call Foothills Smile Designs to schedule a consultation. Don't let crooked teeth hold you back any longer. We want you to look your best, and we know this starts with a winning smile. A Folsom, CA or Foothill Ranch CA Invisalign system may be the answer you need.


Invisalign® uses advanced digital technology to create customized treatment. Here's how it works:

  • First, records of your teeth and bite are taken using impressions and digital photos which are then sent to INVISALIGN for processing.

  • In about 5 days or so, we will have a "digital cartoon" of your teeth. This unique simulation will let you see your teeth actually moving! You will be able to see your teeth straighten right before your eyes, and we can acurately estimate how long your treatment will take-USUALLY LESS THAN 12 MONTHS!

  • Once we order your clear aligners/retainers, you will recieve them in about 10 days, then you can start your treatment.

  • You will switch to the next set of aligners every two weeks; and before you know it, you will have the perfect smile!

To learn more about the advantages of INVISALIGN® and other advancements in cosmetic and laser dentistry, contact Foothill Smile Design today.


Serving the Sacramento and Mission Viejo areas, we are very proud to be one of the few cosmetic dentistry practices to offer the BIOLASE WATERLASE LASER to our patients. LASER DENTISTRY represents the future of dentistry- where we can treat many of our patients without the need for needles or drills!

Because the BIOLASE WATERLASE LASER does not have the heavy vibrations and heat associated with a high speed drill, it allows us to restore our patients' teeth without drills or injections. Our patients love the fact that we can finish their dental work is as little as one appointment- because we avoid the use of shots, so multiple teeth in different areas of the mouth can be fixed at the same time! And the best part is that you can go back to work without the dreaded "numb lip or nose!". Laser dentistry is also a great advancement for people who may have allergies to dental anesthetics or have difficulty getting numb which, in turn, leads them to avoid dental work. Children also love our practice since they don't have to be referred to a specialist or a hospital to have their dental work done!

Laser dentistry with the BIOLASE WATERLASE LASER® laser is also a great tool in the in treating periodontal (gum) disease, the most prevalent disease of the mouth. We use the WATERLASE to comfortably disinfect deep periodontal(gum) pockets without the need for painful gum surgery, scalples, or sutures! In fact Laser dentistry has been proven to help reduce infected pockets and to increase the life of compromised teeth.

Contact Foothill Smile Design, serving both Sacramento and the Mission Viejo area, for more information on the latest breakthroughs in the fields of laser and cosmetic dentistry.

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A fantastic recent innovation in the field of cosmetic dentistry, digital imaging technology allows us to show you what your SMILE MAKEOVER can actually look like- on you! You can basically preview the final results right before your eyes- you will be able to critique your virtual smile so that it will be exactly as you have imagined it! It is quite simple, in fact- we first take hi-resolution digital images of your teeth and smile, then use our advanced imaging software to show you what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile!.

Please visit our Sacramento or Mission Viejo area practice to learn more about innovations in cosmetic and laser dentistry.

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Our sophisticated, hi-resolution dental camera allows us to not only document our cosmetic cases, but more importantly, it allows us NOT to miss any dental problems which are often not visible on traditional xrays. This way, you can have problems addressed quickly, so you can avoid running into bigger problems down the road.

Teeth can have problems such as partial fractures and failing fillings that have no pain or discomfort associated with them. Unfortunately, patients often mistakenly associate lack of pain with lack of problems. By showing patients their problem areas with an intraoral camera, Drs. Djifroudi and Sadri help patients understand the reasoning behind their recommended treatment.

Contact Foothill Smile Design in the Sacramento and Mission Viejo regions to learn more the intraoral camera and other advancements in general, cosmetic, and laser dentistry.

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The digital X-ray has several advantages over the traditional X-ray used in other general and cosmetic dentistry offices. Because its exposure level is 90 percent lower than the already low level of radiation emitted by a standard X-ray, the digital X-ray poses less risk to the patient. Additionally, digital X-rays offer better diagnostic quality than standard X-rays. Because a digital image instantly appears on a computer screen, it can easily be enhanced for diagnostic purposes.

Drs. Djifroudi and Sadri use digital X-rays to catch cavities and bone loss at the earliest possible stage; the earlier these problems are caught, the easier and less invasive the treatment. For example, cavities caught at early stages can easily be treated in minutes at our Sacramento or Mission Viejo area office using laser dentistry. The same concept applies with bone loss due to gum disease; if caught early enough, it can be treated with laser disinfection without injections.

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Electric drills differ from conventional, air-driven drills in that they function with much less noise. Studies have shown that many people dislike the sound of a conventional drill almost as much as getting injections. When the use of Waterlase® laser dentistry is not possible to treat a cavity, Drs. Djifroudi and Sadri prefer to use electric drills to minimize any discomfort associated the noise of a drill. Headphones are also available for people who like to listen to music while receiving their treatment.

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Contact our Sacramento or Mission Viejo office today for more information about Invisalign® and other breakthrough technology in the field of general, cosmetic, and laser dentistry. At Foothill Smile Design, we welcome the opportunity to help patients enjoy healthy, attractive smiles!

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