Tooth-Colored Fillings

Metal, or "silver" fillings as they are commonly known, have been around for many years in dentistry. However, they have many disadvantages when compared to white or "composite/resin" fillings. First, silver fillings are quite unattractive, as you can imagine- they often get darker with time, and make it obvious that you have had dental work. Second, silver fillings often require that an extensive amount of "healthy tooth structure or enamel" to be removed- even though you may only have a small cavity. You see, metal is very difficult to bond to natural tooth, and that means that you have to carve a lot of grooves and notches to make sure the metal stays put. Composite fillings are actually CHEMICALLY BONDED to your tooth's enamel- so the chance of gaps or leaks forming in the future is much less than if you were to use the silver stuff!

We are proud to use only white, or natural tooth colored resin filling material to restore our patients' cavities. In fact, Dr. Sadri and Djifroudi have used white fillings exclusively for more than 13 years. They take pride in making sure that they preserve as much healthy tooth enamel as possible- they are also very meticulous is making sure that their work is ''INVISIBLE"!- you will be hard pressed to actually "see" where your fillings actually are- since they will blend seemlessly with your natural teeth!

So if think you might have new cavities, or simply want to "REJUVINATE THE LOOK AND FEEL OF YOUR TEETH," give our office a call for a complimentary cosmetic consultation where we can show you what cosmetic white fillings can do for your smile. Please also review examples of our work in the "SMILE GALLERY" section of our website.