Dental Implants

Have you had teeth removed when you were younger. Well, you may be surprised to know that the majority of the US adult population has one or more missing teeth. And, in many cases, they have simply neglected replacing these missing teeth. Dental implants have a successful track record of more than 30 years- you could say that dental implants offer the perfect solution for the replacement of missing teeth. And they have numerous advantages over other "traditional" treatments of the past such as bridges or partials.

Our office specialized in not only restoring or crowning dental implants, but we also place them as well. This means, that you in most cases you don't have to be referred out to see a dental specialist- your entire dental treatment is completed in the comfort of our practice.

With dental implants, the teeth adjacent to the space DO NOT HAVE TO BE SHAVED or damaged. Secondly, dental implants help "preserve bone"; in other words, they prevent the gradual loss of bone which occurs after a tooth is removed. In addition, dental implants can help "tighten" loose or poor-fitting dentures or partials by stabilizing or anchoring them. Finally, what's best about dental implants is that you will not have to worry about getting any new cavities. In a way, when you get a dental implant, it's like getting your missing tooth back!

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