Deep Bleaching

Have you been disappointed with other teeth whitening systems? Have you had problems with tooth sensitivity and lackluster results. Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone. We are proud to offer our patients the ONLY teeth whitening system that is GUARANTEED to give you fantastic results. In fact this system is so effective, that we have successfully treated even the darkest teeth- including tetracycline-stained teeth and heavy smokers!

But what's even more exciting about DEEP BLEACHING is that, unlike other systems, it DOES NOT require cumbersome UV lights or time-consuming gum-protection equipment. Our patients are also very excited about the fact that there is virtually NO SENSITIVITY with this system. You can comfortably read a book or watch one of our movies while you are removing years of staining right in the dental chair!

We invite you to visit or call our office for a complimentary DEEP BLEACHING CONSULATION to evaluate your smile and answer any questions which you may have. Our REFERRAL PROGRAM allows you to receive this system for FREE! So ask us how!