Metal-Free Porcelain Crowns

Like many people, you may have noticed that you have large amalgam (silver) fillings on some of your teeth. In many instances, these fillings are quite old they may have "lost their seal." Such large fillings also greatly weaken the enamel and are the number one cause of teeth fracturing or breaking.

Metal-free porcelain crowns offer the perfect solution for restoring and protecting weakened teeth. They fully cover the tooth and help "hold" the tooth together to prevent cracking under heavy chewing pressure. And the other obvious benefit is that porcelain crowns make your dental treatment virtually INVISIBLE- people will be hard-pressed to tell which teeth actually have crowns on them! And since they are metal free and translucent, with porcelain crowns so you don't see that "ugly black line at the gumline!"

By using the most advanced porcelain systems, we are able to virtually eliminate the need for the use of any metal in our crowns. So call our office to see what today's strong, all-beautiful porcelain crowns can do for your smile!